We love GO Pro Cameras!


I have a confession.  When Go Pro really started advertising their product I completely fell for it.  I couldn’t help it.  I would watch the commercial and instantly be convinced if you invested in their camera you could also surf huge waves, hike to the top of mountain peaks, and off-road like a boss to name a few – all while looking fabulous.  It was a brilliant marketing scheme.  I had to have one.  So Whitney (Travis’ sister) and I got one for Travis for his birthday a few years ago.

We had already had a few guests bring them up and rave about them.  The main appeal is that they come with a water proof case, and you can attach the camera to almost anything to get unique vantage points while filming.  We’ve had guys attach them to boats, net handles, get footage of the trip up by attaching it to their vehicles and much more.  The video we shared of Carson and Whitney catching that muskie was shot with a Go Pro using their “chesty mount” – his preferred method of filming.  The “chesty mount” allows you to wear the camera hands free while filming.  Whichever way you wear it, we have been impressed with the footage that has been shared with us or that we have shot ourselves.  We might not be surfing any waves yet, but we’ve been able to capture some awesome fishing catches that make us feel like pros!


Earlier this summer we had some guests bring up a brand new Go Pro camera excited to use it out on the water.  They had actually borrowed our head strap (Which fits like a head light you can just strap over your hat) and headed out for some filming.  Well, as fate would have it, they were leaning out over the boat adjusting their hat and the whole kit and caboodle (strap, camera, and all) feel right on into the lake.

Oops.  These cameras are water proof, but you must have the floating case in order to ensure that it won’t sink.  In this particular case the Go Pro sunk straight to the bottom of Parker Lake.  Big bummer.  Travis spent a good two weeks planning and engineering some sort of dragging system to go out there and recover the camera.  When I asked him how big the search area was he though at least the size of three football fields.  I wished him the best and chalked it up as a loss.

Well, we heard from the group who lost the camera last week.  They had contacted Go Pro and explained what happened.  Go Pro sent them a brand new replacement at no cost!  I tell ya, stories like this restore my faith in humanity.  Isn’t this what customer service should always be like?  Just another great thing about this company and their product.  We are pretty darn impressed, Go Pro.  Now, can you come teach me how to surf those waves like a hero?

Disclaimer: All opinions of this product and company are completely of our own accord.  Go Pro has not endorsed us or the lodge to promote or use their product in any way.


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