We survived Milwaukee!

Hello everyone!

We got back last night from our big Milwaukee adventure and I thought I would share some photos from our trip.  However, I must share a quick side story from the trip home first.

Travis and I drove separately (an unfortunate circumstance of his work schedule) and we split off near the end of our journey so he could pick up Cosmo while I headed on to the house.  We are spoiled because Cosmo gets to stay at Travis’ parents house whenever we are traveling out of town – which Cosmo REALLY loves.  I arrive at the house at 10:30ish very excited to be home at a somewhat decent hour.  Right about the time I turn off the car I remember that Travis has the house key.  Oops.  I figure he is maybe only 20 minutes behind me so I unload my stuff, put it by the door, and sit on the porch swing (which I love) and swing away.  Well, over an hour goes by and there is no sign of Travis.  You are probably wondering why I didn’t just call him when I realized I was locked out.  That would require my husband to have charged his phone prior to our journey home.  His cell phone is long dead, while I am swinging away on our porch.  Did I mention that it started raining?  Anyway they finally show up and I ask if something happened to them (in other words: where the heck were ya?)  Turns out he got a nice 30-45 minute visit in at his parents before he headed home.  He is just as curious as to why I am standing in the driveway while its raining at almost midnight.  Good grief.  Makes us excited to be at the lodge – where its next to impossible to be locked out, but very possible to be standing in the rain at midnight.  Can’t wait!

Anyway, our trip was really great and the Milwaukee Sports Show was very well attended while we were there.  I started off the show by myself on Wednesday and Thursday (with some help of our loving guests) and Travis joined me Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Black Bear Lodge was also at the show and Jillian rocked her booth alone for all 5 days!  She is a trooper.  I think her husband, Jim, and Travis would definitely agree that we represent the better half of our respective ventures.

We had several guests from the Milwaukee area stop by our booth during the show – which was awesome!  It is so great to see everyone and we appreciate you sharing all the reasons why you have made Eagle Falls Lodge your fishing destination.  Below are some photos we took with guests during the show.
We probably owe Andy and Jeff (pictured below) a special shout out for all of their assistance at the show.  They stayed until the bitter end while we packed up the Eagle Falls Lodge mobile, which was parked on the Milwaukee Mile race track (kinda cool, right?)  We sure do appreciate their help and all of the kindness shown by other guests while we were at the show.  It was a lot of fun to talk shop and think about the upcoming summer.

PS.  We leave in approximately 52 days!! How long until YOUR trip?

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