Week 12 recap with lots of pictures!

Week 12 is in the books and there are only three weeks left in the 2016 season.  That’s pretty hard to fathom.  It’s also funny when you find out last week you hooked up one of the sinks backwards in the spring so hot water was coming out of the cold faucet and vice versa.  We do some testing, but that one eluded us.  Where were you weeks 1 thru 11?!  Anyway, on to the fishing.  It remained excellent last week.  We saw some very nice pike and walleye get released.  Here’s a rundown:

Chris and Pete caught a ton of pike in the slot and above.  I highlighted some of the overs below.  

Chris captained Vince to this 37″ lunker

Chris’ 37″ Pike

Pete’s 36″ Pike
DSC03859 DSC03856
Pete’s 41.5″ pike.  This one may have challenged Phil for the season lead, but it was missing part of its tail.
DSC03861 DSC03865
Chris’ 40″ pike.
Chris let this 30″ silver pike go.  This was the 2nd silver pike in as many weeks.  They are pretty rare to catch so pretty cool seeing two good sized ones.
Chris wisely snapped a photo showing the underside of the jaw so you count the pores.  If you’re ever not sure if you have a silver pike or clear muskie count the pores on one side of the jaw.  Five means it’s a pike and 6-9 equals muskie.
DSC03875 DSC03877
They also tracked down a couple nice walleye.
DSC03879 DSC03882
Rick and Tim with a nice stringer of fish.  
Bob caught a couple board worthy smallmouth bass.
IMG_0394 IMG_0399 IMG_0409
Caleb caught some quality walleye.
IMG_1478 IMG_1483
And he wrangled this 39.5″ northern pike.
The three Johns scored a triple.
John and Tony added more big walleye to the mix.
IMG_1535 IMG_1538
John had fun with this 36″ northern pike on a jig. 
Mike tested our newly installed golf course (just kidding).
The guys enjoyed a couple mega shore lunches with the whole group.
IMG_3560 IMG_5006 IMG_5035
Conrad represents one of our oldest guests of the season.  We’re glad he still makes the trek north.


  1. What about Mr. Vincent’s 37″ pike?!? (Says captain Chris)

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