Week 3 guests

Hi there!
We are constantly amazed at how lucky we are with the guests who choose Eagle Falls Lodge as their fishing vacation destination.  We look forward to seeing everyone year after year and they have all become very close members of our Eagle Falls Lodge family.  And the group we just wrapped up with in week 3 is no different!  
As hard as it to say goodbye each Friday morning, we know that the next day we have more smiling faces headed our way ready to catch up.  It’s kinda like a 15 week long family reunion.  Oh yeah, and there is fishing.  Lots of fishing!
Here I am with one our beloved guests, Harry, from Ohio.  He has a great laugh and incredible stories.  His group stumbled on our website four seasons ago and they have been coming each year since.  How lucky are we?

These guys are from Sedalia, Missouri.  As many of you know the Matejas who ran the lodge in the 1990’s and early 2000’s are from Sedalia and we still have many guests from the Sedalia area.  This crew was last at Eagle Falls in 1995!  They certainly noticed a few changes since their last trip up.  We love hearing stories about fishing trips and adventures which took place well before our tenure as lodge owners.

Here are a few pictures from the past week of a big group shore lunch.  I love watching how seperate groups start to intermingle and get to know each other through out the week.  By the end of the week, everyone knows each other and sits together.  This shore lunch started out as just some of Travis’ family, but by the end of the week most of the guests had joined in for a MEGA shore lunch!  Super fun.

Obligatory sunset picture…

And just for fun…. 

Any guesses as to what job I was about to tackle?  
Thanks for the photobomb, Travis (and Cosmo).

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  1. Sounds like things are going well! I have no idea what you are about to do in this picture Carrie, but I do know two things:

    Great job by Travis on the photobomb and,

    That getup looks a lot like Travis’ “widowmaker” outfit.

    Good luck!

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