Week 9 guests at Eagle Falls Lodge put their fishing skills on display and the results were impressive!  Check out the many pictures!

David landed a 17.5″ smallmouth bass. 
David 17.5%22 Smallmouth

He followed that up with a 22″ walleye on Parker. 
David 22%22 Walleye

Nick wrestled in this 9″ lunker rock bass.  And to make sure the fish would hold up to intense scrutiny, he wisely took a photo of the measurement.  
Nick 9%22 Rock BassRock Bass measure

He added a 15″ smallmouth.  I’m sure wearing all that Packers gear added to his fishing mojo.
Nick 15%22 smallmouth

Jeffrey shows off a nice slot pike.  His dad Shawn landed this nice 35″ pike.
JEffrey 28%22 Pike Shawn 35%22 pike

Then Shawn topped that with a 38″ northern pike – on a lindy rig!  
Shawn 38%22 Pike

Jeffrey and Shawn display some great shore lunch fish!
Shawn & JEffrey stringer

Sue let this beautiful 16″ smallmouth bass go.
Sue 16%22 Smallmouth

She followed that up with this 22″ walleye on Parker.
Sue 22%22 Walleye

Mark wrangled this 16.5″ smallmouth bass. 
Mark 16.5%22 Smallmouth

Zach and Nick with a nice stringer of fish. 
Zach & Nick stringer

Zach with a great photo of his 17″ smallmouth bass. 
Zach 17%22 smallmouth

For those super observant blog readers you may recognize Zach above from his trip two years ago.  He was our special guest when we partnered with Make-A-Wish.  He made the trip back up this season with his dad and buddy Nick.  He’s doing well and just graduated high school.  

We collected many photos last week, but I believe Zach captured this spectacular sunset on Parker.  Thanks for sharing the pictures everyone! 

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