Week nine can simply be described as what dreams are made of!

Week nine can simply be described as what dreams are made of!

Our guests consisted of several repeat groups and several new groups, which included a mom and son, father and son who were here to experience Eagle Falls Lodge for the first time.  Everyone had a wonderful week of fishing and making new friends.

Henry with a nice stringer of fish!
Auggie with a nice Red Lake smallmouth bass.
He is just keeping an out for Stan bring him some food.
Henry with a nice Red Lake walleye.
Auggie another nice Red Lake walleye.


Tony caught this monster on Red Lake, his thoughts on this week, were that is was some of the best fishing that he had ever experienced and could not wait to come back next season!

Kevin and Ben Stuff were also first time guests, a father-son who were hoping to just spend some quality time and to reunite with each other as best friends. The two of them had a great week of just fishing and hanging out together. And as far as making dreams come trues just ask these two guys, on the last evening of fishing, (Thursday night) they both decided to make one last trip out on Parker Lake to fish one last time, to cast one more time for that fish of a lifetime!  On the last cast they looked at each other and said who is going to catch the last fish and what happened is simply what “DREAMS ARE MADE OF”, Kevin caught a monster 38-inch northern pike the biggest fish of his life!

We could tell that these two had a special relationship but did not fully understand how special it really was until they shared a musical slideshow with us, we have attached a link so that you may enjoy. Please click here to see the video!

Angelika and John were first time guests who came to Eagle Falls lodge hoping to truly experience a trip of a lifetime, catch some great fish, make new friends and to see what makes Eagle Falls Lodge so special and by the look on their faces, I think that their dreams came true!

Take care,

The Holiski’s

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