What an exciting season opener! 🎣

Red Lake docks underwater.
Parker Lake dock floating in the middle of the bay on Parker Lake.
Traveling into Red Lake with a fresh dusting of snow, what a way to kick off our season opener!

Week one had a little bit of everything, snow, rain, chilly temperatures, runaway docks, and of course some great fishing! As you can see by the pictures our docks were damaged from the high-water levels and created a little bit of a challenge getting the camp ready for the first week of guests. Thanks to the effort of Nate and Ben we were able to at least make some temporary repairs and have things up and running and will address more repairs as the water levels recede.

Thanks again for everyone’s continued support as we are grateful for the opportunity to have guests and to begin the process of recovering from the pandemic. 

Todd enjoying celebrating his birthday with a freshly baked cake from Jan.

Last thing, fishing was a little slow but started to pick up throughout the week, with the water levels at record levels and the cold temperatures the walleyes had not moved into their typical areas, however, northern pike and small bass were on fire! We had 11 Master Anglers caught and released on Parker Lake and Red Lake.

What a week of fantastic fishing, check out these pictures!

Please note that highway 105 north remains closed at Vermillion Bay and you will need to take the detour around by taking Highway 647. 

Take care and safe travels,

The Holiski’s

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