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Hello to all!

We just had a truly beautiful spring weekend here in Illinois, and boy were we due for one!  Days like yesterday make me so happy to have a porch swing to read on and enjoy the sunshine.

For those of you who know me, I hope my book nerdy-ness hasn’t been too blatantly obvious.  I LOVE all things reading and books, and despite how crazy busy we can be in the summer up at Eagle Falls Lodge I still manage to read a fair number of books throughout the summer.  For other bibliophiles headed up to see us, you should know that we have some very interesting books at the lodge for guests to enjoy.  Travis loves books as well, especially history and locally relavant books.  He has been able to build a small collection of books regarding the Red Lake area and northwest Ontario.  Many of them have to do with the float plane industry and the very first expeditions of the area decades ago spurred by gold prospectors, trappers, and traders.

The titles shown above are (from top to bottom):

  • Red Lake: Golden Treasure Chest – by Michael Barnes
  • Alter and Throne – by Ed Zaruk
  • Gold Mining Spurs Air Transportation in Canada, 1926-1936 – by Donald F. Parrott
  • Vintage Aircraft in Canada – by Walter Henry
  • North for Gold: the Red Lake Gold Rush of 1926 – by Ruth Weber Russell
  • Harold Farrington Pioneer Bush Pilot – by D. F. Parrott
  • Ghost Towns of Ontario: Volume 2 – by Ron Brown
  • Northwestern Ontario Backroad Mapbook: Outdoor Recreational Guide – by Russell Mussio, Trent Ernst, and Wesley Mussio
  • The End of the Road: A History of the Red Lake District – by John Richthammer 

One of our dear friends (who is a super amazing librarian!) was able to track down a fairly rare book for Travis that was written by a Red Lake high school student several years ago cataloging a detailed history of the town, titled The End of the Road (listed above).  The book is no longer in print and the local library doesn’t even have a copy!  Travis was blown away.  Such a cool piece of history that we hope you all take a look at during your next trip up to Eagle Falls.

Check out the bearded guy on the left.  Look familiar?  That’s Bob Aiken, former owner and operator of Eagle Falls Lodge.  His family was included in The End of the Road book.

It might be worth it to look at some of these books either before or during your visit.  They can help paint a much better picture as to what life was and is like in the area.

Until I am able to get back up to the deck overlooking Parker lake our Illinois porch swing will have to do.  Cosmo has been wanting to get outside more as well.  We let him out the front door where he quickly plops down in the grass to sunbathe.  He then looks at us like, “Please, can’t I just stay out here?”.  Soon, pup, soon.  We are all getting very ready to head up north.  The fresh air and freedom has become a vital part of what spring and summer means to all three of us.

Have a great week!


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