Why fishing matters

A 2014 guest shared an assignment with us that his son completed in school.  It was a writing assignment and he chose to write about his trip up to Canada and Eagle Falls Lodge.  I asked if I could share it on the blog, because it is my new favorite thing.  Here are the front and back sides of Colin’s paper:
image1 image2

One of my favorite quotes from the paper is, “We went there because me, my dad, and my grandpa needed to have some fun.” Well said, Colin, well said.

Travis and I are big proponents of getting youth involved and “hooked” on fishing.  (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.)  Fishing as a kid is definitely something that had a huge impact on Travis, and I’d like to think the people he spent time with while doing it made a difference in his life for the better.  Fishing allows kids to get outside and away from screens.  Fishing allows kids to practice patience, to relax, to observe, to learn about nature, and to talk (or not talk) with the people they love.  Fishing involves skill with a dose of dumb luck.  Fishing can be a life long passion that they can someday share with future generations.

Colin also states, “This event is important to me because it was a beautiful and amazing exploration. Also that is was with my dad and grandpa.”  Thanks for your words of wisdom, Colin.

Here are some pictures of Colin at Eagle Falls Lodge last summer:
IMG_7005 IMG_7026 IMG_7043

I think he nailed it, don’t you?  Having the privilege to offer our guests “a week of beautiful and amazing exploration” at Eagle Falls Lodge is kind of the whole point in our eyes.  That is why we do any of this.  We are the lucky ones, because we get to spend a week with some of the best guests anyone could ask for in an awe-inspiring setting as they make memories that will last a lifetime.  I mean what more can you ask for?


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