With Great Anticipation

We eagerly welcomed back two special groups of fishermen, the Hillsboro Bible Baptist Church group and the Heritage Christian Baptist Church group. These two groups hold annual sportsman banquets and sponsor trips to their annual Men’s Retreat held annually here at Eagle Falls Lodge. 

The group’s main focus here at the lodge is to fellowship with other members of their church and to enjoy time spent fishing and enjoying the Canadian outdoors. The two groups have rightfully earned the nickname “The Pike Slayers” and they had no problem living up to it! The group combined for 18 northern pike over 40 inches with 15 of them over 41 inches qualifying as Master Anglers.

Rick with the biggest fish of the season an awesome 44-inch northern pike.

Jim was a first-time guest here at the lodge and he slayed the pike with 6 Master Anglers during his stay here at Eagle Falls Lodge. 

Enjoy the Pike Slayers 2022

Take care,

The Holiski’s

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  1. You folks are great host and take extra good care of us every year. Thank you for all you do.

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