Plenty more big fish caught and released this week!

Travis’ brother Carson tracked down two muskies – a 32″ and a 30″.  

He added this nice walleye on Red Lake and snapped a photo of a pair of loons with a baby.
IMGP0037  IMGP0028

Our college teammate Michael and his dad Glen caught several nice walleye and smallmouth bass.
IMG_2743 IMG_2731 IMG_2725 IMG_2678

Travis was skilled enough (read: lucky) to net this 38″ northern pike on his 3rd attempt that latched onto a walleye his dad Tracy was reeling in.  It was never hooked!

Mercer released this 24″ walleye on Red Lake.

Travis’ cousin Olivia boated a 21″ walleye
Travis’ sister Mercer put plenty of fish in the boat including this triple where all three anglers caught a fish at the same time! 
IMG_0919 IMG_0916

Mercer capped off her week with a nice pike!

There were plenty of Macks in attendance this week making it a family reunion of sorts.
Travis’ Aunt Jane with a nice smallmouth caught on Parker.
Travis’ Uncle Stan boated a 22″ and 26.5″ walleye.
Bill, Larry, & Dennis enjoyed their 2nd week at camp and boated several more nice fish!
IMG_0556 IMG_0555 IMG_0554 IMG_0552 100_0342 100_0337

The biggest news of the week may have been the first rock bass catch of the season!  Unfortunately the Sony camera eluded our connection kit so picture to follow.  

Until next time – tight lines! 

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