UPDATE: Buster’s no longer serves breakfast – bummer!  Lunch is still delicious though!

Looking for a pit stop on the way to Red Lake?  Carrie and I have a new favorite – Buster’s BBQ located in Vermilion Bay, Ontario.  The restaurant is located on Highway 17 about a mile west of the turnoff for Highway 105 to Red Lake.

My family turned us onto the place after stopping there in 2009 on a trip to the lodge.  They brought us a couple bottles of the now famous Blueberry BBQ Sauce and we were hooked!  If you’re thinking that sounds familiar, you’re right.  We use and serve the sauce with some of our meals at the lodge.

Buster’s boasts an array of BBQ awards including several from the prestigious American Royal BBQ contest.  Growing up in Kansas City, I can tell you that is DEFINITELY a big deal.  The assortment of hardware, plaques, and award certificates in the restaurant is impressive, but don’t leave it to the awards.  Go judge for yourself!

Whether you’re a fan of smoked ribs, brisket, chicken, or pork you’ll find something delicious.  They also serve an assortment of burgers, wraps, and salads.  Carrie and I stopped on the trip home last fall and we can definitely vouch for the Chopped Pork Sandwich and the Brisket Sandwich.  Our only regret is the restaurant isn’t closer to Red Lake since we only have the opportunity to eat there twice a year.  For those of you passing through Vermilion Bay on Saturday mornings en route to catch The Barge out to the lodge, you’ll be interested to know that Buster’s also serves breakfast.  While we can’t vouch for the breakfast, if the food is anything close to their lunch it will be well worth your trip.

Give Buster’s a try this summer and let us know what we need to order on our trip south next fall.

The sauce picture is courtesy of Buster’s website which you can check out here www.bustersbbq.com

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