Celebrating the 4th of July at Eagle Falls Lodge

Happy holiday weekend everyone!

We hope everyone was able to spend the 4th with family and friends – we sure did!  It has started to feel normal to celebrate the 4th of July in Canada, this being the 5th year in a row, but we definitely try to add in some good ol’ U.S. of A. flare to stay patriotic.  
I’ve got to clear the air on one very important 4th of July issue.  Fireworks.  Travis and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum as to how we feel about fireworks.  He LOVES them, lives for them in fact.  Probably starts dreaming about them come Memorial Day.  It was always a big part of Independence Day at the Mack house.  I, on the other hand, am hard pressed to think of anything that seems like a bigger waste of money.  I mean that’s what it is right?  You buy a bunch of plastic wrapped brightly colored cardboard and then proceed to set it on fire.  I seriously don’t get it.  

I should state that anytime immediately following a fireworks display I usually have a pretty big smile on my face.  Like the one above.  I’m easily entertained, that is for sure.  They are pretty and can be very impressive.  But then I start to worry about everyone’s potential hearing loss.  

Alas, Travis is a pretty great guy so I humored him and went all out.  All out for Red Lake, that is.  Where does one acquire fireworks in Red Lake you might ask?  Well, the marina of course.  I got the biggest, most outrageous pack they had.  Appropriately titled the “Dragon Slayer”.  You are welcome, baby.  I definitely try to get Travis something he truly enjoys when I can, because he is VERY laid back and doesn’t ask for much.  

I think everyone at the lodge was pleased.  

Before the fireworks show got underway, Mary-Jane and I were busy little bees in the kitchen making one heck of a dessert dazzler.  I thought it would be super fun to make a red (which in reality looked pink), white, and blue layered cake.  It turned out pretty well and was SUPER fun to bake.  Everyone gobbled it right up, so I think they liked it!

We also celebrated a birthday yesterday.  Caleb turned 14 and definitely enjoyed celebrating Canada style.  Happy Birthday Caleb!

All that being said, I still miss my annual family reunion in SW Missouri.  We sure hope that everyone and their families had a great time celebrating everything that the 4th of July means to them.  I LOVE SUMMER!

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