Happy 4th of July from Canada!

So here’s the thing…..

Being in Canada on the 4th of July is pretty much like being in Canada on any other day of the year.  Which will just not suffice.  As you may remember reading last year, Travis has a certain affinity for brightly colored explosives.  Like a moth to a flame that one.

Well this year we had a bit of a predicament.  As you may know Friday is our change over day.  Old guests ship out, and new guests don’t arrive until Saturday morning.  So this year we find ourselves with an empty camp on this blessed day of BBQ, never ending parades, fireworks, and iconic celebratory cakes with the blueberries and strawberries on top in the shape of the American flag.  You know the ones, right?

I wrongly assumed it would mean that the small fortune usually spent on fireworks that are gleaned from every possible place of sale in Red Lake would be avoided.  Big FAT wrong.  Nope, Travis had it all worked out in his head.  Now we could shoot fireworks on Thursday AND Saturday.  That way both groups that are inevitably traveling on the 4th would not have to “tragically” miss out on this Independence Day tradition.  Its all for the good of the people he said.  So last night we had a short fireworks display….and tomorrow we will have another!  Take that America!

We sure hope that you are enjoying the 4th of July – wherever you are.  I stumbled upon this map that shows which patriotic song is most popular by state – kind of fun, huh?

Patriotic Songs by State

Now to find one of those fruit/flag cakes….



  1. Sure wish we were there! I would have been more than happy to make one of those dumb cakes for you. Damn. Now I want cake.

    • eaglefallslodge

      UJ – We can’t wait for you to make it up next year. And we should totally make one of these cakes!

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