Fridays are a day of mourning around here.

All guests are generally bummed to be loading up and headed home.   Cosmo is bummed to see all his best buds leave.  Travis is bummed because he is stuck at the lodge cleaning cabins and boats, dumping scraps, and turning everything over for the next crew.  I am bummed because I am on yet another town trip that does NOT include getting to run.

This dang injury is a literal pain in the leg.  There are no words to describe how badly I wish to be back at it.  In any form.  Give me 2 miles and I’ll be happy.  I did swim yesterday, which was quite lovely.  I took Cosmo with me, but instead of jumping in the water he jumped in the boat and napped while I swam to the point.  That boy.

How do I, personally, deal with such woes?  Drive my bum leg straight to Tim Hortons, of course.  This morning I met about half our group who also decided to make the stop.  So fun.  I know what you are thinking – maybe I shouldn’t be substituting donuts for lost running miles.  Don’t worry.  I stick to my medium coffee with one cream, served in a china mug.  The mug detail is very important.  Anyone who doesn’t prefer getting their caffeine jolt from a real mug is just wrong. I feel BAD for these people! Plus, when you order it this way it comes up on the screen as “add China” which just makes me feel fancy.  And it makes my OCD brain so happy because the price of my medium coffee with one cream is an even $2 now, so all is well in the universe.

I think this blog was intended to be about fishing.  Oops.

This week was awesome!  The group was a blast and it was the first week where some of the guys really focused on Red Lake for walleye.  They are definitely picking up!  These guys caught good numbers of fish and we have a new leader for biggest walleye.

Terry caught this nice 25.5″ walleye yesterday:
Some more actions shots from the week:
DSC_8095 DSC_8081 DSC_8066 DSC_8121 DSC_8094
Thanks to everyone who was with us last week!  Safe travels.

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  1. Thank you Carrie for the nice words. The night before we leave and the morning we leave is always a quite one. We’re all guys so we don’t show emotion but the lack of talking has to do with our sadness to leave.

    It’s always a trip we look forward to. I started coming with my dad and my boys joined in when they were old enough. Now that my dad has passed I still carry on the tradition and take my sons every year. They just told me on the drive back home how special this trip is to them.

    The walleye we caught was mainly in Martin’s Bay with a few in Young’s Bay. We tried several spots but those two seemed to be the best. Always fish where the wind is blowing.

    I can’t thank you and Travis enough for the great food and memories you provide for my self and my boys.

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