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Friday woes

Fridays are a day of mourning around here. All guests are generally bummed to be loading up and headed home.   Cosmo is bummed to see all his best buds leave.  Travis is bummed because he is stuck at the lodge cleaning cabins and boats, dumping scraps, and turning everything over for the next crew. […]

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The 2014 Season has officially started!

It is opening day here at Eagle Falls Lodge.  Whether we are ready or not.  I think Travis would agree that given the circumstances we did a bang up job.  He also may be wobbly with slurred speech when you ask him.  That guy.  He stayed up all night getting the camp in ship shape. […]

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"Timbit Town"

So, here is the thing…. I have a definite love/hate relationship with donuts.  Any and all donuts.  My best strategy is to avoid walking in the vicinity of any place that offers them.  This becomes extra challenging if they are giving AWAY donuts.  Don’t get me wrong, I will treat myself every now and again, […]

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