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We packed up another good group and they are now headed towards the border.  Would you believe that we have one single week remaining?  That is it.  Every meal we make this coming week will be for the last time in 2013.  I think if Travis was being honest he would say “woohoo!”  When you prepare, serve, and eat the same menu for 15 weeks in the row it can get a little monotonous.  Just a bit.

The guys up this week were troopers in the heat wave.  Good. Ness.  It was HOT.  Everyone stayed in good spirits and we compensated with extra scoops of ice-cream.  I just tried to imagine a blast of cold air coming from the imaginary air-conditioner we don’t actually have at the lodge.

Just when I thought I couldn’t drink one more sip of water I would grab a precious cherry coke zero brought up from the states (get with the program, Canada!) and plop it in the deep freezer.  That’s right.  I said the deep freeze, my friends.  If you haven’t tried this before get up right now and do so.

I know what you are thinking:
1. She is a desperate woman.
2. How long can you put a can of soda (or pop depending where you live) in the freezer before it explodes?

Well let me tell ya, because I googled it.  The internet consensus is that you have at least 2 hours before you need to get truly worried about an explosion.  Diet soda will explode faster than regular soda – FYI.  See how informative this blog can be?  You are welcome.  Soda is much more refreshing when it is truly ice-cold.  And anyone who says soda is better in a glass on ice is just nuts in my opinion.  I love it straight from the can.

 Hot, still, and sunny days can make for some tougher fishing for sure – but our guests persevered.  These guys caught some nice fish!

Here is Tim with his 17.75″ smallmouth on Parker Lake
2nd biggest smallmouth of the season!
Tim also caught this 13.5″ smallmouth on Parker
Here is Kyle with a nice 23″ walleye on Red Lake
Kyle also caught and released a 41.75″ northern on Red Lake
 AND a 42.5″ northern on Red Lake
Kyle is here with his brother, Phil, to fish the Red Lake Fall Classic walleye tournament this weekend.  Too bad its not a northern tournament, eh?  We will try and keep you posted as to how they do this weekend.  Good luck guys!
We had a handful of new guests at Eagle Falls Lodge this past week.  They probably weren’t expecting the heat we had the last few days!  

But they still caught fish!

And they enjoyed a nice shore lunch as well.
I love this next picture…
This is how I hope everyone feels when they are out on the lake.  
We had our first guest from Southern California last week.  Talk about a long trip up!  Wayne was super nice and super glad he packed some shorts at the last minute.  Who knew?  
He caught and released this 41″ northern pike on Red Lake
Wayne and his fishing partner, Todd, spend the majority of their week casting for northern.  They visited lots of weed beds similar to the one below…
All in all another great week!  


  1. I would love to once again thank you and Travis for a wonderful week, even tho it was “hot” I had a blast. you two put on a wonderful outing and make everyone feel like they are at a home away from home. Bob

  2. Hi Bob,

    You are welcome! Thanks for the kind words. We certainly enjoyed having you guys up here last week.

    Take care!

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