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Squall Watch

We’re used to our hottest summer day in northwestern Ontario usually being in the mid 80s and only lasting for a couple days.  We broke that barrier yesterday hitting the 90 degree mark.  We can’t complain too much since we know many places back in the states are over 100 degrees this week.   Hot […]

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Weather report and A BEAR!

Happy Memorial Day! You guys.  The weather has been perfection.  I feel like we kinda earned it with some of the earlier days this spring.  It has been in the 70’s with light wind, and in the mid 40’s at night – with a low chance of rain.  Like I said, perfection.   For those […]

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June fishing report

I have only had a wet line for a matter of minutes so far this season.  The project list remains long and we still are feeling a bit behind from the late ice-out.  The guests have been great about sharing information and this is what I can tell you second-hand about the fishing so far…. […]

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High Water

No, the ice isn’t out yet.  We were hoping to make a town run today, but a north wind has pushed the remaining ice on Red Lake to our shoreline leaving us boxed in.  Hopefully tomorrow it will be out so we can get the barge out with some much needed fuel and supplies for […]

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Red Lake Fall Classic Walleye Tournament Recap

Hello! I’m sure everyone is busy recovering from Labor Day weekend, but at least its already Tuesday – right? We wanted to share some details about the annual Red Lake Fall Classic Walleye Tournament that took place here over the holiday weekend.  Remember how I was complaining last week about how horribly hot it was […]

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How to survive a Canadian heatwave…

Hi y’all! We packed up another good group and they are now headed towards the border.  Would you believe that we have one single week remaining?  That is it.  Every meal we make this coming week will be for the last time in 2013.  I think if Travis was being honest he would say “woohoo!” […]

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Lake Trout might be Grandma’s best friend

Hello! It is suuuuuuper hot here today.  And humid.  And sunny.  Did I mention it was hot? I travel many miles to avoid this type of summer weather.  I thought mother nature and I had a deal.  Looks like it may stick around for a few days too.  Yuck!  I predict it will be miserable […]

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