No, the ice isn’t out yet.  We were hoping to make a town run today, but a north wind has pushed the remaining ice on Red Lake to our shoreline leaving us boxed in.  Hopefully tomorrow it will be out so we can get the barge out with some much needed fuel and supplies for week 1.

We CAN update you with some photos of the high water.  The lakes usually start high with the snow melt in the spring, but this is the highest we can remember in our six years.  I’d estimate Parker is 2-3′ higher than normal.

his photo is above Parker Falls taken from the Parker Lake side.  You can see how hard the water is rushing through.  Usually there is a drop of a couple feet, but Red Lake is high too.


he water is nearly reaching the boardwalk on Parker.  We pulled the boats several yards out of the lake in the fall and the water is right up to the transoms.


his picture was taken shortly arrived we arrived at camp last week when there was still a bit of ice left.  The dock is partially submerged.

The 10-day forecast is calling for drier weather so hopefully the lake will approach more normal levels.  But, we also know how quickly the forecast can change or be inaccurate here too!

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