Weather report and A BEAR!

Happy Memorial Day!

You guys.  The weather has been perfection.  I feel like we kinda earned it with some of the earlier days this spring.  It has been in the 70’s with light wind, and in the mid 40’s at night – with a low chance of rain.  Like I said, perfection.   For those of you interested in how this is affecting the water temperature, yesterday Travis marked low 50’s on Red Lake and upper 50’s on Parker Lake.

For you super observant folks who frequent our website, you may have noticed that we added a link on the bottom right side of our home page for you to easily find the weather report for Red Lake.

If you click on “weather report” it will take you to our preferred weather website:  We really like this site.  It provides extra details about the forecast that others don’t and it tends to be the most accurate.  Any angler knows the importance of being prepared for whatever weather you might encounter.  Rain in the forecast can be great for fishing, but rain without your rain gear can be detrimental. 

Cosmo and I were out on the deck yesterday afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather (I was reading and Cosmo was napping very happily in the sun) when he scrambled up and ran to the left edge of the deck and did his big boy bark into the tree line.  I didn’t see a thing.  We are still being conscious of his leg, so the last thing I wanted was him tearing after a bear again.  See this post and this post for more details as to why that is.  I took him inside and put him in bed.  When I walked back out to look out over the deck I saw a black bear right in the middle of the grass eating dandelions.

IMG_0125 IMG_0131
Cute little thing.  After I snapped some pictures, I yelled for it to move on.  It hopped over the boardwalk in front of the fish house and then moseyed over to the shoreline in front of the big cabin.  I followed it from a safe(ish) distance and got some more pictures.  It was around lunch time, so a few guests got a chance to see it as well.  We were carrying on a normal conversation and the bear was so focused on enjoying his dandelions he didn’t seem to care at all.  After a few minutes we chased the bear off into the woods for good.

Or did we?  Only time will tell.  And tonight is the fish fry, so lets hope we don’t have any extra guests!

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