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June fishing report

I have only had a wet line for a matter of minutes so far this season.  The project list remains long and we still are feeling a bit behind from the late ice-out.  The guests have been great about sharing information and this is what I can tell you second-hand about the fishing so far…. […]

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Lure of the Year 2013

Thanks to the Krohns for turning us onto the jig/plastic combo that wins Lure of the Year 2013 for us – the H2O jighead paired with B-Fish-N plastics.  Together this combo produced consistent fish catching all year.   Three features really make the H2O jig hooks stand out.  The high-gloss epoxy finish is tough to […]

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Spring = Fishing

I know a few of you were able to make it out ice fishing this winter, but for the rest of us spring equals the start of fishing season. Before you head for the nearest water, check out our list of recommended equipment to give you some ideas when you find yourself in the middle […]

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