Lure of the Year 2013

Thanks to the Krohns for turning us onto the jig/plastic combo that wins Lure of the Year 2013 for us – the H2O jighead paired with B-Fish-N plastics.  Together this combo produced consistent fish catching all year.

photo 1-107
H2O Jigs


Three features really make the H2O jig hooks stand out.  The high-gloss epoxy finish is tough to chip away which means you can bounce these jigs all over the lake bottom and keep the color on the jighead.   Two of my favorite colors are the Orange Tiger and Chartreuse Sunburst.  The stainless steel keeper holds plastic bodies on the hook longer than any other jig I have used.  You can catch loads of fish without having to change out plastic baits on the hook.  Lastly, the large hook is super sharp so you get more hookups on a soft bite and it is easier to grasp and remove so you can get the fish back in the water quickly.   You’ll pay more for these than traditional jig hooks, but to me the benefits are worth the additional cost.  Cabela’s sells them in 5-packs for $3.88.

photo 3-58
Moxi plastics

The B-Fish-N brand makes some terrific plastics.  They have a “Pulse-R” line that features a long, thick-bodied plastic with a paddle-tail that creates an irresistible wiggle in the water especially when fished slowly.  If you like fishing a jig fast you might try their “Moxi” line that is similar, but showcases more of a traditional grub or twister tail instead.  I’m a big fan of Sassafras and Chartreuse/Orange Core.  Carrie likes the pink and white combination.  Again, you’ll pay a little more for these baits, but to me it’s worth it when you can save time not changing plastics that won’t stay up on the hook and the fish love them.  Cabela’s sells the plastics in packages of 8 for $3.79.  Give them a try this season and let us know your favorite color combinations!

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Pulse-R plastics

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