I know a few of you were able to make it out ice fishing this winter, but for the rest of us spring equals the start of fishing season. Before you head for the nearest water, check out our list of recommended equipment to give you some ideas when you find yourself in the middle of a spring fishing sale. You certainly don’t need everything on the list to have a great week of fishing. Everything suggested is basic tackle and colors we have found to be consistently successful so you won’t be wasting money. Good luck fishing near home and good luck planning your Canada trip. We’ll see you soon!

Eagle Falls Lodge Suggested Bait, Tackle and Gear


ROD: Light to medium action

LINE: 6 lb. test for jigging
8-10 lb. test for trolling

LURES: Jigheads from 1/8 to 3/8 oz
3” Mister Twister tails
Little Joe live bait spinners (use 1/8 oz split shot sinkers for different depths)
Lindy Rigs (we use 3/8 oz egg sinkers)
Swivels for use with Little Joe and Lindy Rigs
Live Bait (Night Crawlers / Leeches) or Berkely Gulp
Rapalas (or similar minnow imitating lures)

COLORS: Chartreuse, Orange, White and Yellow


ROD: Medium to heavy action

LINE: 10 to 14 lb. test

LURES: Mepps Spinners #5
Large Rapalas (or similar)
7” Suick (9” if your using a heavy enough rod)
Spinner baits / buzz baits

Additional Equipment:

Personal life jacket required by law (we have 50 life jackets at the lodge)
Fishing net
Rope / Nylon stringer (large fish will break metal stringers)
Fillet knife
Portable depth finders can also be handy


Sleeping bag
Bath towels
Beverages and snacks
Rain Gear, rubber boots
Extra shoes
Insect repellent and sunscreen
Ice chest (to take fish home in)
Fishing license

Please note the camp will provide our guests with:

– Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
– Freezing of fish
– Comfortable modern cabins
– Boat cushions & life jackets
– Beds with fitted sheets and pillows
– Unlimited gasoline for camp boats and if you choose to bring your own boat
– 14ft and 16ft boats
– Dependable Honda 15 & 20hp motor
– A great fishing experience!

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