Red Lake Fall Classic Walleye Tournament Recap

I’m sure everyone is busy recovering from Labor Day weekend, but at least its already Tuesday – right?
We wanted to share some details about the annual Red Lake Fall Classic Walleye Tournament that took place here over the holiday weekend.  Remember how I was complaining last week about how horribly hot it was here?  Well that can make for some tough tournament pre-fishing.  Especially if there is little wind that is constantly changing direction.  
Just to make it interesting, let’s pretend that the night before the tournament (Friday) there was A LOT of lightning and thunder and for the actual days of the tournament the weather was a bit cooler on Saturday and then BAM! 57 degrees on Sunday. 
Except that’s what really happened.  
You may or may not recognize that this is pretty much opposite of ideal.  Exact opposite.  A huge pressure and temperature drop in the weather can lead to a drastic drop off in how the fish are biting.  Also, constantly changing wind direction means fish will most be moving around a lot.  And fish definitely don’t like thunder – I mean it is loud and scary sounding, right?
As most competitors know you can’t predict or control the weather, and it is something that all participants have to deal with.  You can definitely be either more or less prepared to be in a boat all day with varying weather conditions, which can affect your ability to focus and your mood on tournament day.  
I think anyone who has AWESOME tournament jerseys like these handsome fellas below is automatically in a better position come tournament day…
Don’t you agree?
Phil and Kyle (pictured above on either side of their especially handsome tournament sponsor – Travis) have been spectators of the Red Lake Fall Classic Walleye Tournament for several years.  This marked their second year of fishing the tournament together.  Phil had fished a few years in the tournament with their dad prior to Kyle jumping in the boat.    These guys are definitely no stranger to fishing in less than ideal weather, and have over 15 years experience of fishing Red Lake.  
So, how did they do?  They finished well in the top half of the field, and came in 62nd out of 140 boats fishing the tournament.  Nice job guys!   I think they would agree that Saturday went better than Sunday (with a higher weigh-in total and better “over-slot” fish) but definitely enjoyed both days out on the lake.
This was the 21st annual Red Lake Fall Classic Walleye Tournament and the winners were Richard Wetelainen and Steve Parenteau.  You can find more information and full results for the tournament on their website.
Congratulations to all tournament participants!  

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