I’ve said it before…

…we have the absolute, without a doubt, best guests there are.

Very observant guests, as well.  A few avid blog readers have been following my sour cream Timbit woes (more details here) and decided it was time to take action.  Ron and Sue very thoughtfully stopped at the Tim Horton’s in Fort Frances on the off chance that they might have the coveted sour cream Timbit.  Spoiler alert: THEY DID!

You can imagine my surprise when I was presented with a full box of ALL sour creams!  Dreams do come true, it seems.  On a side note, I have stuck to my peaceful protest of no Tim Horton’s donuts which is probably better for my waistline, but this special delivery was wonderful for general morale and deliciousness.  Thanks Ron and Sue!

Check back tomorrow for pictures from this past week.

Also, next week is August?  What is happening?  Feels impossible.  But, so did my Timbit situation…

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