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I talked to Travis at work today while he was excitedly finishing up his desk job this week. We like to check on each other during the day to make sure everyone is working as they should be. Well lucky me, he had a whole list of things to keep me busy. Isn’t he sweet? That is a rhetorical question, because everyone who knows him would say yes without hesitation. I am a lucky girl. Alright, I got a bit sidetracked there. Today I was asked to write another blog post! He better watch out, or I will be the main author here before too long. I was actually thinking myself that we should get one written this week before we leave for Canada.
Hopefully with all the research we have done, okay that Travis has done, we will have a much more reliable and consistent internet connection this summer. Our goal is to keep everyone up to date on the Eagle Falls Lodge excitement throughout the summer. (Think lots of pictures, record catches, weather updates, maybe some guest bloggers?) We would love to know what you guys want to hear about this summer, so we can be sure to keep our readers happy. Let us know!
Anywho, before we can get up there and (cross your fingers) have new and improved cyber capabilities we have to get across the BORDER! Eek! I am a bit of a stress magnet, so you can image how I feel about this obstacle, albeit routine and somewhat straight forward. The number one thing to bring with you would be your passport. Everyone is now required to have a valid passport book or passport card to regain entry into the United States. We have had a few questions about who needs a passport, how long it takes to get a passport, how much does it cost, etc. The US Department of State has a really good website with lots of answers and information regarding passports. You can find them here.
The other card you don’t want to forget is your Ontario Outdoors Card. You now need this card to obtain a fishing license as a non-resident fishing in Ontario. This card is NOT a fishing license, and is used for identification and administration purposes. While fishing in Ontario you need both your fishing license and your Outdoors Card with you in the boat. For those who had a valid Ontario fishing license in 2009, you should have received your permanent Ontario Outdoors Card over the winter in the mail. Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources has more information about the Outdoors Card requirements for non-residents here.
Despite these small hassles we can promise you that it is definitely still worth it to come up and visit us at Eagle Falls Lodge the first chance you get. Travis and I both feel that it is best to keep it legal from the start, to avoid any disruptions during your vacation or any trouble at the end of a great week of fishing. If anyone finds that they still have questions regarding their Passport or Ontario Outdoors Card, or anything else, don’t hesitate to ask!

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