How the heck is it already Friday?  With a full camp and lots of fishing action this week, I really don’t know where time went. Summer is officially here.  It is warm and sunny and Cosmo is quite pleased.  This really gives him the optimal nap set up that he prefers.  He just follows the sunny spots around the lodge and then about mid afternoon he heads out to the deck for more sun with a bit of a breeze.  And then it is back to his command post right by the kitchen as people head in for supper.  It’s a tough schedule, but someone has to do it.  However, last night he stayed up until 11pm and was up this morning around 5am.  So, I’m sure he will have to sneak in some extra rest (not sure how that is possible) and will head to bed early tonight.  That guy.

We have had a few emails about live bait availability this summer here in Red Lake. It seems like there is currently a nightcrawler shortage. We had some guests last week try to grab extra crawlers mid-week and there was not a single worm to be had. However, all our guests who have pre-ordered their crawlers at Red Lake Marine (807-727-2747) have had no problems. We encourage you to consider pre-ordering your bait before you head up.  Travis is contemplating offering a special on flats of the army worms that have invaded camp the last few weeks.  We could easily supply 100 anglers with bait if army worms is what they are looking for.  Good grief.

Please remember you cannot bring live minnows or leeches across the border.  You can bring nightcrawlers as long as they are in bedding or newspaper and not dirt or soil.

Check back to this post for bait prices here in town.

In other news, I confirmed with Mr. Tim Horton himself that the sour cream timbits have been permanently removed from the menu.  As an act of peaceful protest I have now gone 3 weeks without donuts.  However, I still swing in on Fridays for my medium dark roast with 1 cream.  Lets not get too crazy….

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