Looking ahead to 2016 – Calendar shift

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This is a follow-up post from yesterday where we discussed how we take reservations here at Eagle Falls Lodge.  Read more about that here.

As discussed yesterday, we give preference to people who are here this summer as to whether they wish to rebook in the same week for next year.  One thing to keep in mind is that the calendar shifts back about 5 days in 2016.  So what?

Let me explain…

2016 Calendar Shift
Our season always begins one weekend after walleye season opener.  Walleye opener is always the 3rd Saturday in May, and we welcome our first group of guests the 4th Saturday in May.  We do this to ensure we can access the lodge (think late ice out!) and prepare everything for our season.  This year was about the earliest it could possibly be, and as a result the entire calendar shifts back about 5 days for 2016.  This year we brought in our first group on the 4th Saturday of May, which happened to fall on May 23rd.  Next year we will bring in our first group on the 4th Saturday of May, which will fall on May 28th.

Your week of fishing corresponds with the week of the season, rather than the actual dates of the trip.  For someone who is coming up the 1st week of August in 2015 is really marked down in our books as coming the 11th week of the season.  Does that make sense?  We operate off of the calendar as it relates to walleye opener, instead of looking at specific dates in each month.  So, if you are assuming your week will have you arriving on July 1st because you are usually here on July 1st it might be shifted back in 2016.

Moving forward each year, your week will creep up a day or so.  So, in 6 years (2021) our opener will be back to the 22nd of May.  Like magic!  Or in reality, very predictable calendar patterns.  Either way, we wanted to give you a heads up!  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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