Maple Creme Cookie Caboodle

Many of you know we have a pretty serious addiction to Maple Creme Cookies at Eagle Falls Lodge.  We always have a jar filled and judging from how frequently we refill it, some of you have an addiction too. 
After taste testing every brand of cookie we could find, one was far superior – Manning’s Cookie Shop. They are made by a company called Commercial Bakeries out of Toronto.  The problem we run into is the only place we have been able to find the cookies in Red Lake is the Bargain Shop and they aren’t stocked regularly.  After going without them for the first three weeks of the season we decided it was time for action.  
Commercial Bakeries politely declined to sell cookies directly to us after contacting them.   A list of distributors lead to a series of dead ends as it seemed no one could keep the cookies in stock.  Finally a tip from a company employee on an internet forum lead us to Great Lakes Wholesale in Michigan.  
They had the right brand in stock and the only hang-up was it would take 17 cases of cookies to fulfill their shipping minimum and they didn’t ship to Canada.  A little funny considering these cookies are made in Canada.  With the help of our customs broker we were able to eventually get them shipped to Red Lake Marine after only a month.  Well worth the wait if you ask us!  
Yes, that is me posing with all 6,528 cookies.  If you haven’t made the trip up yet this summer we’ll send some cookies home with you.  


  1. I am eating one now my twice a year shipment just came in. You guys got us all hooked

  2. Glad you are enjoying them, I have to stay stocked up through the year too!

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