Maple Creme Cookies Galore

You may remember us writing about Travis’ love of Maple Creme Cookies here.  I’m sorry to say it gets worse.

We were so pleased a few years ago when we finally finagled our way into the wholesale cookie market and got some of these prized treats shipped up to Red Lake in 2012.  Then it 2013 we had them delivered directly to our house in Illinois prior to heading up for the season.  That made for a very cookie laden load on the road up here, so this year we went back to the original get-them-shipped-to-red-lake-plan.

There was only one problem with this plan.  The wholesaler now requires you to place a minimum order if you are going to have them shipped.  Except that “minimum” is not so minimum.  THIRTY TWO CASES later we had our cookies.  To put this in perspective, last season we went through about 15 cases.  So yeah, over double.  Double the boxes.  Double the frosting.  Double the storage space.  Double the lifting.  Double the deliciousness.

Part of this whole ordeal stems from the fact that Travis is extremely brand loyal.  Only Mannings Cookie Shop for him.  He swears that their cookie to frosting ratio is definitely the best.  How does he know?  Lets just say there has been some thorough cookie taste tests out at the lodge.  Occasionally we can find this preferred brand of maple creme cookie at the Bargain! Shop in town, but they are not stocked consistently and we just can’t risk it.  If you can’t already tell, this is serious business.

All this to say, we have PLENTY of cookies left as we head into our last month of the season.  (She says cheerfully, but nervously.)  What will be the fate of these delicious mouthwatering treats?  If you are still headed up to see us, plan on buying a few packs (or 30) to take home and share with family and friends. Because if it is left to us, we could be in trouble.  Not to say I don’t appreciate a challenge, but I know we’ve got at least 10 cases left and I don’t think eating 10 cases of cookies is good for us.  Cosmo has already volunteered to do whatever he can to help the cause.  Such a good puppy boy.

We are selling them at the lodge for $3.00 a box or $5.00 for 2 boxes.  Travis opened this box the other day.  Do you notice anything special about it?
I didn’t at first, but Travis of course noticed instantly that the bottom row has a bonus cookie!  Instead of the standard 16 per box, this one boasts 17 cookies.  I told him it was his lucky day and to run out and buy a lottery ticket.  He declined, but instead thoughtfully picked up the extra cookie and studied it before ceremoniously devouring it in a single bite.  He loves them so.


  1. Gene Everett

    If you have any left and bring them back to IL with you we would be willing to stop by to buy some! Can’t believe we did not buy any to bring home! Maybe they could be giveaways at your next sports show as an attraction!?

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