Pie eating contest!

You all remember Ben (Skip’s grandson) and Cole (Jack’s grandson) from the last blog post, right?  Well they provided a major service to us last week by polishing off some leftover desserts.  Leftovers are pretty much public enemy number one around here.  If you don’t stay on top of things it can get ugly.  So, in an effort to keep the refrigerator organized we try and offer up any leftover sweets after dinner each day.  I swear, if you wait 20-30 minutes after the meal they get scooped RIGHT up!

But, that being said it’s all about how you sell it.  You have to work the crowd in order to make the sale.  The desserts in question last week happened to be 2 pieces of coconut cream pie.  How these delicious meringue topped beauties lasted past their initial unveiling I will never know.  But something had to be done.  Mary-Jane and I were staring at these poor pieces of pie in the storage room and about to plop them into the scrap bucket (such tragic fate!) when she perked right up and said, “How about a pie eating contest?!” Genius!

We sauntered into the main lodge with one piece of pie on each plate to make our pitch.  Lucky for us two growing young men (Ben and Cole) were playing cards and we had found what we were looking for.

They LOVED the idea!  So, naturally, it got recorded on video (you are welcome) for your viewing pleasure…

Cole was a good sport, and immediately following this loss he eyed the two remaining birthday cupcakes that were still out and proposed a rematch.  Which resulted in video 2….

If you blinked you may have missed it.  One bite, folks!
I think Ben may have career options, don’t you agree?

Well done boys!  Never a dull moment around here.

If you were in a food eating contest what would you dominate in?  Or what food should you avoid?  For me, the list of options to try for are endless.  I think I could eat an infinite amount of fresh peaches or bowls of ice-cream.  Yum!  Mayonnaise would be my worst nightmare.

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  1. Carrie, did you forget that you are a corn cob eating champion?

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