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What’s for dinner?

Happy Friday everyone! It is one of those absolutely beautiful Red Lake days in June, full of sunshine with little breeze.  I’ll be sure to soak it up! We loaded up another group of anglers this morning.  It’s tough, you know?  Everyone is a bit sad on Friday mornings.  We hate to see people go, […]

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Pie eating contest!

You all remember Ben (Skip’s grandson) and Cole (Jack’s grandson) from the last blog post, right?  Well they provided a major service to us last week by polishing off some leftover desserts.  Leftovers are pretty much public enemy number one around here.  If you don’t stay on top of things it can get ugly.  So, […]

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Black bear sighting in camp!

Good morning everyone! We are well into our 3rd week of guests (which doesn’t seem possible) and they are having a great week so far.  Weather has stayed very nice, but we had an overcast day yesterday and we’ve gotten a little bit of rain in the evenings. Travis’ family is up here so he […]

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