What’s for dinner?

Happy Friday everyone!

It is one of those absolutely beautiful Red Lake days in June, full of sunshine with little breeze.  I’ll be sure to soak it up!

We loaded up another group of anglers this morning.  It’s tough, you know?  Everyone is a bit sad on Friday mornings.  We hate to see people go, and they hate to be getting back in the car for what is undoubtedly a long trip home.  Hopefully everyone has a safe trip!

Tomorrow we will welcome our fourth week of guests.  Crazy right?  Wasn’t I just writing about the darn ice not melting and making our lives miserable?  Now it is mid June.  Don’t blink, because you’ll miss the 4th of July!

Now you are wondering what this post has to do with dinner.  Okay, okay, I’ll get to it.  This year we changed up the menu a bit.  Don’t panic!  So far everyone has been very pleased and we have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the new meal.  If you are super observant and constantly looking at the website you may already know…

What used to be “ham night” here at Eagle Falls Lodge (also known as Sunday night) has morphed into a delicious turkey dinner or Thanksgiving feast of sorts.  We certainly don’t claim to cover all the fixings that you love and enjoy on Thanksgiving – but we now have roast turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, and pumpkin pie!  Sounds delicious, right?  You can check out the full menu on our menu page here.

Speaking of pumpkin pie, Travis and I have been discussing the popularity of this classic Thanksgiving dessert.  I think it is a no brainer.  Turkey dinner demands pumpkin pie.  He says there is no way that pumpkin pie comes close to being in the top 5 for most popular and well loved pies;  he thinks we should stick to making tried and true favorites.  So, it begs the question – What are the top 5 most popular pie types?  Cherry? Apple? Lemon Meringue?  The debate continues.

Cosmo says he’ll take pumpkin, along with anything else.

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