Wanna make a bet: Part 2

Quick recap:

We lose a dock pin.
Can’t find a new one.
Travis orders super magnet to suck up the old pin.
I question this method and bet him a week of breakfast duty for dock duty that it won’t work.
I pick up super magnet from the post office.
(For a more detailed recap check out the first blog here)

Now that you are all caught up, I’ll continue.  I pick up the magnet and I must say it isn’t very impressive looking.  I mean when I think super magnet, I expect SUPER magnet.  It kind of just looks slightly smaller than a brick with some magnetic strips on the bottom and a eye bolt thingy on the top.  I’ve got this in the bag.  When I presented the magnet to Travis he seemed very pleased with his purchase.  Cosmo sniffed it appropriately and quickly returned to his afternoon sunny spot in the main lodge.

I must pause at this point in the story to state that when I made this bet I was envisioning some futuristic device that Travis believed he would just lean over the dock and things would start shooting up out of the water just from the sheer magnificence of the thing.  Not even close.  When he started tying a super long rope to the super magnet I wanted to call his bluff.

“What do you mean you are dropping the magnet to the bottom of the lake?  That’s cheating!”

He starts carrying on about how that is totally within the boundaries of the bet, because nothing was specified as to how the magnet was to be used in retrieving the pin.  Specifically.  Hmmm.  I humor him and allow the rope.  I’d be lying if I said my confidence wasn’t shaken.

I quickly become busy with kitchen duties and forget about the magnet mission, but then I start to wonder what Travis is up to.  I freeze.  You know when you remember something or think of something that stops you dead in your tracks.  Yeah that.  I was doing that.  I walk with purpose to the front of the main lodge to look at the Parker dock.  Cosmo checks too, he is so thorough, that puppy boy.  We watch Travis very seriously standing at the exact position of where the dock pin would have dropped.  He is moving his arm up and down very methodically while holding a rope.  The moment of truth.  I don’t know whether to run down to the dock or go hide in bed.  I look down at Cosmo who looks up at me as to say, “time to face the music, my friend” or maybe he was saying “yes, I would like a maple creme cookie – thanks!”  Either way, we decided to head down to the dock (without cookies) to witness this first hand.

Travis hears us coming and looks up.  I very casually ask how it is going.  At about this exact moment he thinks he is actually tapping something with the magnet.  He very gently lifts and lowers the rope a few more times.  And then he freezes.  And then he looks up and smiles.  He slowly brings up the rope until the magnet is lifted out of the water.  I was watching so closely and looking so hard and it still felt like a delayed reaction in actually being able to see what, if anything, was there.

And there it was.  One dock pin.  Sucked right up onto the bottom of the very unimpressive looking, but effective super magnet.  And Travis standing there pleased as peas.  Un-freaking believable.  Cosmo is so shocked he has to lean over the dock to get a drink of water.  I try to think of a rebuttal in my head, but I know a defeat when I see it.


So there you have it.  All that’s left of this deal is to decide which week I’ll be slinging gas cans and sponging out wet boats.  I guess I better check the forecast and reservation schedule to minimize my efforts?


  1. I can’t even believe that worked. But it makes me very happy! Way to go, Travis!

  2. I just love this. I have to admit, when I read the original post, I automatically envisioned attaching said magnet to a rope of some sort to lower it to the lake bottom. I’m sorry, Carrie. I think he might have won fair and square.

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